Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Introducing ME!

I am April-  a work from home, self employed, wife and mother of 2 girls. In May 2011, I did something I NEVER thought I could do. I quit my job of over 4 years in a doctors office in order to be a stay at home mom and to pursue my dreams of being a full time photographer. Well its been over 10 months- and I am still happily doing it. I love my life. I love being a mom, wife and photographer. My business is crazy thought- living in AZ my summer months should I say this?? SLOW. How could they not be- last August it was 115 degrees almost everyday (why do I live here again?!). Because I have my slow months I have learned I have to learn to pinch pennies and stretch my food out. I wanted to be able to still provide my family with the meals they LOVE (ok maybe I love-- my kids are picky sometimes!) I am ALWAYS posting on my facebook about all the groceries I picked up and how I spent like $50 to feed my family of 4 dinner for 2 weeks. I am ALWAYS posting photos. People always ask for recipes- I don't always share, sometimes I do.  I decided to have a try again at blogging- I hate to tell you this- I will probably NOT keep up with it- SORRY! I am a busy lady and don't have a ton of time!

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